Double Gauze Fabric

Ideal for creating dreamy apparel, baby items, and home decor, double gauze possesses a subtle texture and a gentle drape that adds an enchanting touch to any project. Whether you're designing a flowing summer dress, a cozy swaddle blanket, or a breezy matching set, double gauze is a fabric that effortlessly combines elegance and practicality.

Our bestselling Double Gauze

Triple Washed 100% Cotton Double Gauze 20 colors

$4.99 / half yard

Our triple-washed 100% cotton double gauze from our basics line, Nuno to Mono, has a beautiful crinkled texture and is perfect for sewing up dresses, blouses, matching sets, children's clothing, and a plethora of other craft projects.

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Organic Cotton Double Gauze 15 Colors

$3.99 / half yard

Our beautiful organic cotton double gauze is available and available in 15 gorgeous colors, ideal for making lightweight clothing with loose draping, tea towels, children's clothing, baby blankets, swaddles, and much more!

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Sewing Projects for Double Gauze

Lightweight Clothing

Create effortlessly chic and comfortable spring and summer clothing with double gauze fabric. Its lightweight and breathable nature will keep you cool and stylish on hot days. The soft drape of double gauze adds an ethereal touch to your creations, making them perfect for garden parties, beach outings, or simply embracing the carefree spirit of the summer season.

Children's and Baby Clothing

Double gauze is a top choice for children's and baby items due to its softness and breathability. Its lightweight nature provides warmth without overheating. Whether you're making a swaddle blanket for a newborn or a summer dress for a toddler, double gauze fabric ensures that your precious bundle of joy stays comfortable and snuggled up in softness.

Lifestyle and Interior

From flowing curtains that allow natural light to gently filter through, to tablecloths that add a touch of whimsy, double gauze elevates the ambiance of any room. Its delicate texture and soft draping create a dreamy aesthetic, making it ideal for creating a cozy reading nook, a serene bedroom, or a tranquil living area.

Double Gauze Fabric Care

Sewing with double gauze fabric requires special attention and techniques due to its unique characteristics. We suggest the following when you are sewing with double gauze:

- Wash with cold water or use the delicate setting on your washing machine. Do not use a dryer. Double gauze may shrink after pre-washing.

- Due to its loose weave, double gauze fabric may shift during sewing, resulting in uneven seams or distorted shapes. Pinning or basting the fabric before stitching can help mitigate this issue.

- Double gauze fabric often requires special finishing techniques to prevent excessive fraying. Consider using French seams, serging, or binding raw edges to ensure the longevity of your project.

You can see a complete guide to fabric care here and our guide to pre-washing our fabric here. If you have any further questions about fabric care, then get in touch with us at

Our Double Gauze Fabric Collection

nani IRO Double Gauze

Enjoy the ethereal world of watercolorist Naomi Ito through her textile collection nani IRO, one of KOKKA's most well-renowned collaboration artists. The light and dream-like paintings of Naomi Ito translate seamlessly to double gauze, so don't miss your chance to some beautiful nani IRO double gauze fabrics to your sewing stash today.

nani IRO Double Gauze

Double Gauze FAQ

Double gauze fabric is a lightweight textile made from two layers of loosely woven cotton fabric that are connected with tiny stitches. This construction creates a soft, breathable, and slightly textured material.

Double gauze fabric is highly coveted in clothing due to its exceptional breathability and comfort. Its loose weave allows for excellent airflow, keeping you cool in warm weather. Additionally, the fabric's softness and gentle drape make it a pleasure to wear, making it perfect for creating lightweight and flowing garments.

Absolutely! Double gauze fabric is versatile and suitable for various projects beyond clothing. It's often used for baby items like swaddle blankets and burp cloths due to its delicate touch and breathability. Additionally, it can be used for lightweight home decor, such as curtains, pillow covers, and even quilts.

We recommend double gauze to sewists who consider themselves confident beginners. Its softness makes it easy to handle, however its loose weave means that it can easily shift while sewing, so you need to take extra precautions when using double gauze. We recommend pre-washing, basting seam allowances into place before sewing, and securely finishing your project to prevent excessive fraying.