Fabric Care Guide

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Please follow the care instructions below in order to prolong the life of your fabrics.

General Care Guidelines

  • Pre-washing and ironing before sewing will often give better results. Please check how the fiber content will react to washing and ironing before doing so.
  • When pressing your fabrics, use the low-medium setting on the reverse side of the fabric. You can also place another piece of fabric in between when ironing.  
  • If you wash your fabrics in a washing machine, we recommend placing them in a mesh laundry bag to prevent fraying. Wash in cold water on the delicate setting. 
  • Please do not use a dryer when drying your fabrics. 

Printed Fabric/Solid-color Fabric

  • On unbleached cotton fabrics, there may be remnants from the natural fibers appearing as black and brown flecks. 

  • Color may transfer if fabrics are wet. 

  • Please do not dry clean your fabric.

Cotton/Linen/Double Gauze

  • Fabric may shrink after washing. 

  • Color may bleed after washing. 

  • To prevent this, we recommend that you pre-wash your fabrics before sewing, in cold water on the delicate setting. 

  • Iron with a low-medium heat.

Rayon/Semi-synthetic Fabrics (Lyocell, Tyncell)

  • Hand wash with cold water. If you use a washing machine, put inside a mesh bag, wash with cold water on a delicate setting. These fabrics can easily shrink when too much heat or friction is applied. 

  • Iron with a low-medium heat and on the dry setting

Knit Fabrics

  • Hand wash with cold water or machine wash on a cool and gentle cycle. Lay flat to dry and iron on a low heat setting. 

Polyester and Nylon

  • Wash with similar colors to prevent dye from transferring to other fabrics. 

  • Iron with a low-medium heat and on the dry setting.


  • Hand wash silk in a mesh bag in cold water with a silk-safe detergent. 

  • Never iron while wet.

If you have further questions about fabric care, please contact us at kokkafabrics@kokkausa.com.

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