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KOKKA produces a wide range of sheeting fabric, from colorful prints to bold solids. Although sheeting fabric is very popular with sewists in Japan, we often get questions about what to sew and how to care for sheeting fabric. So we’ve created this guide to help crafters out there make the most out of your sheeting fabric. Enjoy!

What is sheeting fabric?

Sheeting is a fabric that is loosely woven in a plain weave. The looseness of the weave means that sheeting fabric is soft, lightweight, and breathable. 

Sheeting fabric can be made from a variety of fibers, both natural and synthetic, however the fabrics that we stock at Kokka Fabrics online store are all made from natural fibers, like cotton and linen. 

Solid-color Sheeting Fabrics

What to make with sheeting fabric

As its name suggests, sheeting fabric is often used for sheets and other bed linens due to its softness and light weight. However, bedding is certainly not the only way that you can use sheeting fabric. Sheeting fabric (especially cottons and cotton blends) has excellent drape, which means it’s a great choice for making curtains and for apparel projects, especially in garments in which you want to emphasize movement. 

Due to its lightweight nature, we also recommend sheeting fabric for spring and summer clothing, and for making “kinchaku” drawstring bags and slouchy tote bags.

Sheeting fabric can also be used in quilting projects, especially for quilt backing.  

How to care for sheeting fabrics

Sheeting is easy to care for fabric, and based on its fiber content, can be machine washed and ironed without damaging the fabric.

We recommend to pre-wash your fabrics the same way that you intend to wash the finished project. Wash on a gentle and cool setting to help reduce the fabric’s colors from running. Using a dryer will damage the fabric's fibers, so we do not recommend using one if you wish to prolong the life of your fabrics.  

You can check out our article that goes into depth about fabric care here.

Paper message Sheeting Fabric

How to sew with sheeting fabric

Since sheeting is a woven fabric, it’s very easy to cut and sew, especially when compared to knit fabrics. Use the straight stitch when sewing woven fabrics (including sheeting), and make sure to backstitch at the start and end of your seams to reinforce the stitches.

As woven fabrics are prone to fraying, you will need to finish the edges of your project. You can finish edges with the zigzag stitch on a regular sewing machine or with a serger (overlocker). 

Start sewing with KOKKA sheeting fabrics

At Kokka Fabrics, we have a wide range of prints on sheeting, with our echino designs being some of our most popular. We would love to see your finished creations made with KOKKA sheeting, so please use the #handmadekokka and #madewithkokka hashtags when sharing on social media so we can see them.  

If you have any questions about a particular fabric, please contact us and our team will try their best to answer your inquiry. Happy sewing!

echino Sheeting Fabric

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