Fabric Care Guide

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Please follow the care instructions below in order to prolong the life of your fabrics.

General Care Guidelines

  • Pre-washing and ironing before sewing will often give better results. Please check how the fiber content will react to washing and ironing before doing so. Please note that shrinking may occur after pre-washing fabrics.
  • When pressing your fabrics, use the low-medium setting on the reverse side of the fabric. You can also place another piece of fabric in between when ironing.  
  • If you wash your fabrics in a washing machine, we recommend placing them in a mesh laundry bag to prevent fraying. Wash in cold water on the delicate setting. 
  • Please do not use a dryer when drying your fabrics. 

Printed Fabric/Solid-color Fabric

  • On unbleached cotton fabrics, there may be remnants from the natural fibers appearing as black and brown flecks. 

  • Color may transfer if fabrics are wet. 

  • Please do not dry clean your fabric.

Cotton/Linen/Double Gauze

  • Fabric may shrink after washing. 

  • Color may bleed after washing. 

  • To prevent this, we recommend that you pre-wash your fabrics before sewing, in cold water on the delicate setting. 

  • Iron with a low-medium heat.

Rayon/Semi-synthetic Fabrics (Lyocell, Tyncell)

  • Hand wash with cold water. If you use a washing machine, put inside a mesh bag, wash with cold water on a delicate setting. These fabrics can easily shrink when too much heat or friction is applied. 

  • Iron with a low-medium heat and on the dry setting

Knit Fabrics

  • Hand wash with cold water or machine wash on a cool and gentle cycle. Lay flat to dry and iron on a low heat setting. 

Polyester and Nylon

  • Wash with similar colors to prevent dye from transferring to other fabrics. 

  • Iron with a low-medium heat and on the dry setting.


  • Hand wash silk in a mesh bag in cold water with a silk-safe detergent. 

  • Never iron while wet.

If you have further questions about fabric care, please contact us at kokkafabrics@kokkausa.com.

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