nani IRO Fabric: The Guide to Naomi Ito’s Textile Line

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nani IRO is one of KOKKA’s most loved fabric lines, taking the beautiful watercolor paintings of artist Naomi Ito and transforming them into breathtaking textiles. Naomi Ito debuted her first fabric collection in 2002 with KOKKA, where it soon became one of our most beloved designer collections. 

Naomi Ito has been active in her Osaka studio since 1994, showing her work in Japan and internationally. Often taking inspiration from nature, you can find her work printed on a variety of different textiles, such as linen, lyocell, sheeting, and sateen, but her double gauze designs are arguably her most popular. Naomi Ito’s grandfather was also an accomplished designer for menswear textiles, so you could say that her penchant for fabric design is in her blood.  

Where can I buy nani IRO fabric?

You can find the biggest collection of nani IRO fabrics in Japan at ATELIER to nani IRO, a space that acts as a gateway to the world of Naomi Ito. Located in Osaka, the shop runs workshops and other events to connect with the local crafting community.

nani IRO ATELIER to nani IRO
ATELIER to nani IRO in Osaka, Japan​​

If you can’t make it all the way to Osaka to see the atelier for yourself, then you can also browse nani IRO fabrics on Kokka Fabrics, the official online store for KOKKA. As the official online retailer for all KOKKA fabrics, you can find a wide variety of nani IRO fabrics, including the latest designs and prints. We also stock her collection of stunning 100% organic solid linens which compliment her beautiful textiles impeccably. Of course, you can also purchase her beautiful double gauze fabrics from Kokka Fabrics.

nani IRO Double Gauze

Double gauze fabrics are one of KOKKA’s specialties as a textile manufacturer, with many of nani IRO’s most well-loved collections being printed on this stunning textile. Soft-to-the-touch and with an almost springy texture, double gauze fabrics are perfect for sewing up garments with flowing silhouettes. 

You can find some of our favorite nani IRO double gauze fabrics below. 

For more information on double gauze fabrics and how to care for them, you can read about them here on our blog.

Start creating with nani IRO fabrics Today

With so many stunning designs, it’s hard to choose the right nani IRO fabric for your next sewing project. While sewing up dresses, skirts, and blouses with nani IRO fabric can make you feel like you’re wearing a piece of art, we also recommend nani IRO fabrics for home decor, children’s clothing, and bags. 

If you make something with nani IRO fabric, then we’d be thrilled to see your make. Tag your creations #kokkahandmade on social media to share your work - we cannot wait to see what you make with nani IRO fabrics. 

nani iro

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